a bit about me:

Conscious - I have been on a consciousness raising journey during my entire life.  In the corporate sector, in my personal life.  As a two time cancer survivor,  I have asked the tough questions, around values, vision, principles, why, where, how, faith, hope, inspiration.  As a yoga practitioner, meditator and interfaith minister, I have been service focused to help others who are in need of perspective, guidance and direction

Corporate - I have been in the corporate world for over 30 years, with global companies, like PwC, AT&T, British Telecom and MCI. I had my own consulting firm, IT Enabled Services Alliance, Inc., for over 13 years.  I was a part of the global wave of offshore, nearshore outsourcing, for call centers and customer engagement.  I have helped companies brand, expand and optimize their global operations, by deploying the right teams, tools and technology to manage them effectively.   

Coach - I work with individuals on their life, recovery, relationships and careers. I have been a frequent keynote, moderator and panelist in India, China, Mexico, Egypt, Turkey, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, United States, Canada, Panama and many other locations. Throughout my experiences, I have connected with people, personally, to get them engaged, challenged them with questions and had them involved with new experiences.