"We, are conscious bodies, minds, spirits, emoters, connectors, insightful, aware." - Keith Fiveson  

What is Interfaith? Directed by Rev. Keith 

Interfaith Minister



Keith Fiveson

I was ordained after a two-year program through The New Seminary, in 2003. I received my M.Div, as an Interfaith Minister, and the interfaith conversation has been a vital part of my spiritual development since my ordination at St. John the Divine.  



After my graduation, in 2003, I took a leading role, as Director of Development for The New Seminary, creating content and programming. I was also a part of the Interfaith Dialog, as a Minister at The Church of the Village, in NYC, and I conducted several workshops at the LGBT community center on death, dying and living with loving intention.  



As an Interfaith Minister, I have married many couples from different faiths and walks of life, in various places around the USA.  I was also called to do more, to touch more lives.  I believe that "God is Bigger Than Just One Religion" and Never Instead, Always in Addition Too. 

I am a certified contemplative psychotherapist, for mindfulness.  I have been a yogi and meditator for 25 years.  I was given the name Sunya, short for Sunyata (pronounced Shun-ya - ) at Integral Yoga, in New York City, after my  Yoga Teacher Training program in 1995. I continue to practice today, with ongoing Asanas and Meditation, frequently.  


I have a varied practice, coming from various training and certifications over the years; to include Taoist Esoteric Yoga, Tantric Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Psychodrama, Shalom Process Training, 12 Step Recovery Coaching, Tibetan and Zen Buddhist Training, Mindfulness and Metta Meditation.